I was like Wow

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Jacob TV based his piece 'I was like wow' on a TV interview with American soldiers about their violent experiences during the Iraq war. One of them says: when I realized that I just got blew up by about 20 mines, I was like Wow. 

This showed me that words and exclamations like 'wow' are used to indicate that something has made a deep impression, regardless of whether that impression is positive or negative; you can be impressed by something in all kinds of different ways. That's what gave me the idea of finding pieces for a new cd to combine with this impressive piece 'I was like wow'  that impressed me deeply for all different kinds of reasons, pieces that for some reason had given me a 'wow' feeling.

That resulted in this cd with music by Mozart, Honegger, Martin, Padding, Jongen, Castérède and JacobTV. It comes complete with the movie 'I was like wow' by Jan Willem Looze.

Jörgen van Rijen

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